Radiul Document Holder

Radiul is the first document holder for iPads and laptops; it lets you easily see your documents while you’re on the go. Radiul is ultra-portable, compact, and lightweight, attaching instantly to iPad screen or laptop lid using thousands of tiny suction cups, yet detaching without residue or damage. Radiul’s patent-pending design is made possible by a curved groove that lets paper stand up, with no additional support.

Radiul has received excellent press at major blogs such as Cult of Mac ("Ingenious, and - if you regularly need to copy details from paper – essential”), Ubergizmo, IntoMobile (“…a cool new accessory…”), AppAdvice (“I definitely like the idea of Radiul…a great solution…), Gadgetmac (“…makes life easier…”), and Mind of the Geek (…a great product…a definite must have…).

In a paperless world you wouldn’t need Radiul, but it’s extremely useful in the real world, ergonomically positioning documents before your eyes so you don’t strain to see them, and letting you be more productive while you’re away from your desk. Just some of the things you can do: 

• Transcribe handwritten notes from a meeting or lecture
• Review a marked-up printout while updating the electronic file
• Refer to notes while writing an essay or preparing for an exam 
• Study a photo while you hone your art skills with a painting app

I’ve worked a long time to design, prototype, and test several generations of Radiul: perfecting every detail and finalizing the materials and manufacturing processes. I’ve also identified and qualified highly-capable suppliers. Several distributors are interested in carrying the product. At this point, I’m ready to place production orders, but there’s a problem: Tooling is costly, and minimum purchase quantities for fabricated parts raise the investment needed to bring Radiul to market even higher. That’s especially true since I don’t want to compromise on quality, and wish to support American manufacturers . I plan to only use premium materials and components so the product will last for years, and source virtually all parts from U.S. companies.

As the winner of The Independence Project’s $25,000 grand prize, I’d be able to get Radiul manufactured in quantity and with the quality customers deserve, and also get it into distribution through catalogs and stores, both online and brick-and-mortar.

And that would be just the start: The success of Radiul would be a launching point for a host of other consumer products which I’ve been planning and developing, including several that are quite a bit more complex than Radiul. Developing these, and bringing them to market, would fulfill a lifelong dream.

I very much appreciate the opportunity to take part in this contest. 



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