Introduction: Ragù

Ragù is a typical dish from Bologna in Italy.

I learned to do it in the traditional way, but it is too dry for me, so here my version!

I'm Stefania from Italy, by the way. Welcome to my kitchen!

This dish is perfect for pasta, lasagna and "Pasta al forno" (pasta cooked in the oven, literally).

Let's get started! For this recipe you will need:

  • 1 big onion
  • 1 carrot
  • celery
  • 1 kg of minced meat (usually mixed between pork and beef, but I prefere only beef)
  • tomato sauce
  • some milk
  • salt

Step 1: Fry Slightly

Start cutting onion, carrot and celery in small pieces, then fry them slightly with some extra virgin olive oil. High heat.

If you prefer, you can boil only onions for 10 minutes to have a sweeter result (first picture) and then, when water will be evaporated, add oil, carrots and celery.

Leave them fry until they brown a bit then low the heat.

Step 2: Add Meat

Yes, you have to add the meat now.

Add it and mix it with medium heat. You will notice that it will start to lose some water. Keep mixing everything until the meat will brown a bit too.

Now the secret tip: to make the meat more tender, add some milk until you cover the meat and cook everything at low heat until you will see only water again instead of the milk.

Step 3: Add Sauce

When the water goes down and the meat is dry again, add the tomato sauce and let everything cook at low heat.

When the liquid is down a bit again, you can add another secret ingredient: red wine. Half glass it's ok.

Mix everything, cook for 5 minutes and add salt to your taste.

Now it's up to you: if you like it more dry, cook it for some other time, otherwise you can switch off the heat.


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2 Discussions


4 years ago

Hello dadida ... I made your Ragu for dinner tonight ... the flavor was fantastic and the family is claiming this recipe as their new favorite! I was a little skeptical about the step with the milk, but in the end it reduced perfectly just as you described. Thank you for sharing this recipe!


Reply 4 years ago

I am very glad that you and your family liked it.

The milk tenders the meat and then goes away.
Next time please send a photo of your ragù. I'd like to see it.