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Rag curls are a cute and easy look to have fun with. Rag curls were popular in the 1800s and still used by many today. Heat is not needed but can be used. When done, longer hair will look like Rose in Titanic. If you have shorter hair, it will give you a Shirley Temple look.

The curls will go to wavy after a few days. A wash in warm water also loosen the curl.

Step 1: Materials

An old t-shirt or fabric


Mousse or gel

Brush and comb

Hair clips

Step 2: Making the Rag Strips

Use the scissor and cut the t-shirt into 2 x 8 strips. Stretch and shake them after cutting, this will remove any lint made. You'll notice in the picture the material, curled in a bit, that is fine.

Step 3: Wrapping the Hair

With hair damp, section off the hair using clips. Part the hair, leaving a 2 x 2 on the scalp. Take the strand put a small amount of mousse or gel on the strand. Take the end of the strand and wrap up towards the scalp. Use the ends of the rag to tie closed. Repeat all over the head, until all hair has been tied up.

Step 4: Let Dry

If you can, leave it overnight- that is best. You can speed it up by using a blow dryer.

Step 5: Undo Rags and Enjoy!

Untie the rags and unwrap the hair. Style to your liking.

In the before and after pictures, the top one was left in overnight. The bottom one was blown dry for 10 minutes. The longer it is left in, the tighter the curl.

Enjoy and please comment with pics showing your results!



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    2 years ago

    Pin curls with bobby pins

    My Mom used to do that to my hair. She left the curls in tact like ringlets and called them "Banana Curls". I've done them to my daughters hair too. They last a long time.

    When I was young (49 years ago) my neighbor girl always had ringlets in her hair. This was the 1960's and every night she had her long hair wrapped in rags. Her mom and her would sit and listen to the radio while this was being done. She had them go all around her head (probably 8 in all). My point is that the rags can also make beautiful ringlets for the small girls.

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