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Raiden from metal gear face paint! This was a request. SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

Step 1: First

I covered one eyebrow and I then use a white eyeliner to sketch out my look.

Step 2: Start

Using silver body paint I filled in my side of face and then grabbed some black eye shadow to start shadowing and adding lines to make it look 3Dish.

Step 3: Highilight

Using white body paint I placed some highlights to the top of the mask.

Step 4: Teeth

Using the silver I filled in the center so I could start the metal teeth.

Step 5: Detailing the Teeth

Using black eye shadow I started the teeth, I used black body paint to start making sharper details, and went in with more eyeshadow wherever i felt it needed, and last I used white body paint to highlight the teeth and 'gums'.

Step 6: More Stuffs

using more black body paint and eye shadow I added onto the side piece and continued it down to my chin.

Step 7: Random Detail

I used white to make screws and used black to go around it

Step 8: Eye Cover

Using black body paint I went down the side of my face, then I used white to add highlights.

Step 9: Shadows

Using brown eye shadows I added it around the mask and the eye mask, I then added black eye shadow to my other eye.

Step 10: More Detail

I used brown to make the bar code under the black, then I used black to add three dots, used brown body paint around it, and then used white to highlight.

Step 11: Body

sketched out the body

Step 12: Silver

Added silver when I thought it would look good.

Step 13: Black

Filled in the rest with black

Step 14: Even More Detail

I used black eye shadow on top of the silver and used a little white on the black.



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    2 years ago

    Incredible! You are extremely talented, if you don't already do this type of craft for a living, you for sure could.