Railroad Bracelet on Two Forks (Easy)

Introduction: Railroad Bracelet on Two Forks (Easy)

If you don't have a loom, you can always tie two dinner forks together. It's simple, and there's loads of cool things to make with your simple dinner fork loom, but we'll be making a railroad.

You need:

-A bunch of bands

-A crochet hook (optional)

-Your fork loom

You need to have mastered the fishtail and the single bracelet before advancing to the railroad-on-forks. Please read the full tutorial before you begin.

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Step 1: The Capping Band

Twist a band onto the fork loom like in the picture. It's simple enough.

Tip: The railroad is a bracelet which will look its best with only two colors. I'm making mine orange and blue.

Step 2: The Topper-Twin Bands

Take a band and stretch it over two prongs on each side of the fork. Do this again. See? This is a simple placement.

Just call these your Topper-Twin Bands, ha ha.

Step 3: The Looping of the Bands!

Take up the capping band from one side and stretch it over the Topper Twins. Do this on the other side as well. It should turn out like in the picture.

Step 4: The Second Step to a Railroad

Now you need to put one band over one side of the forks, like in the picture. Then add the Topper Twins. Loop this all up, first with your band that only covers one side, then with the bottom Topper Twins.

Step 5: Done for Now!

Hopefully, you've figured out the bracelet. To take it off, you simply put take one side of the Toppers and loop it on the other side of the forks. Then take an S clip and clip it together. Voila! Your own railroad!

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