Railroad Crossing Signal (with Bare Conductives Paint)

This is a fun and attractive portrait to hang in a model railroad enthusiasts area, or any place you want to see a railroad crossing.
I created this project as a member of the Omaha Maker Group, due to our most recent build night focus on Bare Conductive paint on May 21st.


IC1  555 timer chip

R1, R2  two 2.2k resistors  =  Red Red Red Gold

R3  one  4.7 k resistor = Yellow Violet Red Gold

R4   one 15k  resistor  =   Brown Green Orange Gold

C1  one 68uf capacitor

2    Red  LED's

1 Tube or pot of Bare Paint

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Step 1: Step 1

Print out the supplied circuit trace map and the image of the Train Crossing.  Cut out to the size of a credit card, glue the circuit paper to the cardboard backing.  Use a push pin to add holes for the connections.  Add chip to the center then add other components.   Trim the wires on the back after twisting them together, or wait to do this after you have used Bare Paint to "solder" them together.

Step 2: Step 2

Now add Bare Conductive paint to connect the wires and circuitry.   Trim remaining long wires to neaten up the circuit.  Add 9 volt power adaptor, and you are done with the circuit building stage once the battery is added.

Step 3: Step 3

Check with battery to see that the lights oscillate.   Take the printout of the Signal Crossing image and cut the center with an exacto knife (or any old knife).   Use scissors then to cut out the center circle. 

Step 4: Step 4 and Finish

Make sure that the holes align with the lights, then hang the finished product on the wall after mounting the electronics ever so cleverly with duct tape.  You can use a picture frame if you wish for it to look 'classy'.

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