Railroad Spike Lamp

Introduction: Railroad Spike Lamp

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The idea for this project came from my girlfriend. She saw the railroad spikes and imagined a key dish, but we couldn't find the right glass dish for the keys. When we found the glass Fresnel lamp cover at Home Depot we know it had to be a lamp! There's nothing too complicated about the build. The materials you need are:

-3 or more railroad spikes
-A good length of barbed wire
-A light bulb socket (find one with a switch and cord to save on the soldering step)
-A switch and lamp cord if you don't have one attached to the light bulb socket
-A Fresnel light bulb cover
-Some rubber padding (I used neoprene matting made for truck flooring) 
-5 minute epoxy of your choice
-Wire cutters and pliers
-Some kind of tape

1.Start by finding a good pattern of spacing your railroad spikes around the socket. If you use some poster board to work on, you can trace around the bottom of the spikes to help glue them in the right place.
2. Glue the spikes to the socket and tape them in place until the epoxy hardens (should be 5 minutes unless you bought second rate 5-minute epoxy)
3. Wrap the barbed wire around the bottom of the railroad spikes to keep them from flaring out and for style, glue in place if necessary
4. Solder your switch and cord on if you need to
5. Add some pieces of rubber on the bottom of the legs and where the glass cover will touch the railroad spikes

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