Raimbow Colour

Introduction: Raimbow Colour

Makers : Thayamma.N

Location: Banjarapalya E4D Maker space


1. A4sheet


3.Cardboard sheet


5.Water bottle


7.Strow 6


Step 1: Cut the Circle.

one A4 sheet and make a circle with the help of any old DVD and pencil. And cut the.

Step 2: Put Raimbow Colour.

Take circle paper and put 7 triangle shape with the help of scale and put
the all rainbow colours.

Step 3: Preaper Strow Stick

Take 6 St row and stick it with the help of gum tape. After that cover it with the help of any paint.

Step 4: Put the Rainbow Colour Sheet on the Cardboard Sheet

Take cardboard sheet and put the circle paper on the cardboard and stick it with the help of gum.

Step 5: Put Rainbow Stick Inside the Bottle

Take a water bottle and hole the bottle and put rainbow stick inside the bottle.

Step 6: Spin It

After that just spin the rainbow colour.

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