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have you ever wanted to film, a movie that occurs in the winter but it was the middle of the summer and not even a single cloud was in the sky?

I've brought you the solution! a rain machine!

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

for building this machine i used a wooden frame the i already had for another project (a boat with pontoon) so i wont explain how to build it but the size is 3 meters X 0.46 meters.

you will also need legs for the machine, i used 4 lighting tripods.

other parts and tools for the machine:

a hose (mine is 20 meters long)

9 of those metal 2\1 inch "U" parts (not only 6 as in the picture)

18 screws for mounting the U's

power drill and a wooden bit


9 plastic zip ties

something to seal with the end of the hose(i used a hose handle)

Step 2: Building It

now you need put the hose in a snake like patterns as in the pictures.

then you put the U's on the hose and attach them to the frame using the screws.

now use the zip ties to tighten the hose to the U's in every spot so the hose wont move.

now for the fun part- drill a hole in the hose every 5 centimeters using a screw, the hole needs to be in the upper side of the hose so the water will shoot up.

drill 4 holes in the frame - one in every corner as shown in the picture.

put the frame on the tripods - one tripod in every corner (in the holes).

connect the machine to a water source and enjoy!

Step 3: Final Words and a Video

this is my first instructable so feel free to criticize it on the comments :)

and for the video - (i filmed it using the phone so the quality is not the best)




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    4 years ago

    I like the build, but can't watch the video on my phone. And when I entered the address for the video manually it was set to private. :(

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