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For a cyclist, getting punched tire is a common situation. However when we're in a middle of nowhere, it sure become a headache. Plus, if we're in any kind of situations and then we think we should bring something along.

Or, lending a hand to an unfortunate cyclist.

I have a way to solve and that's the reason I did this instructable. Firstly, we need...

Step 1: Items

This items are easily buy in your local hardware store.

  1. 1 foot of 3" UPVC
  2. 2 pieces of 3" end caps
  3. 2 pieces of 14" cable ties
  4. 2 pieces of 6" cable ties


A little of ingenuity

Step 2: The Storage

I assemble two pieces of 3" end caps at each ends of the one foot of 3" UPVC. I calculate the volume of the unit is enough to store some essential items.

Step 3: The Tie

Then I fasten the 14" cable ties on the UPVC just near the end caps

Step 4: The Asembly

Lastly, I attach the storage unit with the top tube of the bicycle with the 6" cable ties (not to tight or else it'll obstruct the breaking mechanism). I put a black sponges just to look nice.

Some place it's illegal to put something like this on your bike. So, make sure that you don't break any law.

Step 5: What to Put Inside the Unit?

  1. Rain coat
  2. Traveler facial spray
  3. Solar power bank and USB connector
  4. Mini First Aids box
  5. Hansaplas
  6. Cable ties
  7. Medical facial masks
  8. Basic repair tools

(Items that I forget to add in the picture)

  1. Spare tube
  2. Duck tape (has 40% left)

The kit weight just about not more than 2 kilograms.

What to take with you on your next bicycle ride? I'll let your creative mind do the job :)

Happy riding!

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    Thanks for commenting.
    I would like to see you make it :)

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    Reply 2 years ago

    You can opt for the screw type end cap for easy access. However, it's a little heavy.


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    2 years ago

    You should try and see if the bike will float with this or not. Seems like a good flotation device to me.

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    Reply 2 years ago

    You're funny, LOL :D... any way, thanks for the comment.
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