Rain Water Barrel Bulk Head Install

Introduction: Rain Water Barrel Bulk Head Install

I looked everywhere for how to install a bulk head on a rain barrel that has an attached lid that cannot be removed, but could not find any solutions.
This is what I did.

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Step 1:

I found this flexible electrical conduit in my shed.
It has 1 fitting at each end. I removed one fitting and left one to be be used as stopper for the bulk head.

Step 2:

I dropped the other end of the flexible conduit with the bulk head into the barrel. Then pulled on it from the bottom all the way until the threaded part of the bulk head came out of the whole.
I then maintained pressure on the conduit until I got the bulk head secured tight with the supplied nut.
(I lost the last pic that shows it all nice and tight).
I hope this will come in handy for some one.

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    3 years ago

    When I installed a spigot on my rain barrel, i just drilled a hole slightly smaller than the threaded back side of the spigot in the barrel. I then attached a threaded 90 degree fitting to the inside by slipping the 90 into the end of a piece of pvc pipe to hold it in place while tightening the spigot to the 90 from the outside. A little silicon caulk before snugging it all the way down has prevented leaks for 5+ years.


    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing and welcome!