Snow Goggles




Introduction: Snow Goggles

These goggles as the author of their prototype confirms, are intended for driving on a motorcycle in rainy weather... "rain goggles"
Has made something similar of a brass.

UPDATE The found data tells about that that it all the same "snow goggles"



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    You could though make a plaster of paris mold of regular swimming goggles and then pour in molten aluminum, then ad padding and use a dremel to cut the slits, though it would be difficult because the aluminum would'nt coat, rather it form blobs -_- still could do it if you had a way to coat rather than pour, like maybe dipping it in multiple time

    Sweet craftsmanship! May I suggest taking a patina solution to the insides to coat the solder? These can be obtained in various finishes and are available from stained glass suppliers.

    These are WW1 snow goggles from the mountain warfare in the Alps between Austria & Italy... or copies patterened after. They were coincidentally most useful to stop the smaller shrapnel and rock splinters that occured in this warfare.

    These are the Rammstein goggles! Exactly the ones I want to make!!

    but you look like a freak wearing those in public. these are good for looking normal and they're practical.

    Great... But I like best the "Steampunk goggles":

    I like them, Very creative and different, Not sure if Id ride with them on but maybe. Good Instructable.

    Thickness of my brass sheet- 1.0 mm. Now to find such raw materials anywhere it is difficult enough. I bought it in specialized shop

    There's nothing wrong with sunglasses. These goggles will limit snow glare, however, and don't require tinted optical glass or plastic to create like sunglasses. I recall reading that when there was a plane crash in the high Andes mountains about thirty years ago, the men who walked out to find help had made something similar out of a Manilla folder to protect their eyes.