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This activity is great way to create some beautiful pieces of artwork and entertain yourself or your kids. You may even learn about an artist named Dale Chihuly who makes glass blown bowls that these bowls are inspired by.

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Step 1: Materials

Materials Needed

Coffee Filters

Glue Stick

Heavy Card Stock Paper (you know, the thick paper)

Heavy Spray Starch



Red Solo Cup (any large plastic cup will work but now we have a song stuck in our head, so have a party)

Rubber Bands

Step 2: Color

Lay filter flat and make designs all over one side of the filter. Making sure to cover all of the filter with color. We suggest starting with light colors then work toward darker colors.

Warning - The color will bleed through the filter. Have a piece of scrap paper underneath your filter to absorb any colors that may bleed through.

Step 3: Solo Cup Time

Lay completely covered filters over an upside down solo cup and place a rubber band onto filter / cup to keep the filter on the cup.

Step 4: Messy Messy

Spray the heavy spray starch on to the filters and enjoy the colors bleeding together. This can be a huge mess, especially if you let kids do it. We have placed the cups into a storage container so the run off was not staining tables.

Step 5: Wait and Finish

Set the sprayed filters to the side and let dry for 6 to 8 hours. Take the filters off the solo cup rubber band first. Be careful slipping the filter off.

Step 6: Glue to Cardstock Paper

Decide where on the paper you'd like to glue the filter. Using a glue stick, glue the filter to the stock paper. Place the glue onto the stock paper and place the filter.

Decorate the stock paper if desired.

Step 7: Dale Chihuly Inspired Bowl

These are a great way to introduce the art of glass blowing and specifically Dale Chihuly's Macchias.

Take a look at some macchia on www.chihuly.com/artwork

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