Rainbow Cat Makeup With a Prosthetic Twist

Introduction: Rainbow Cat Makeup With a Prosthetic Twist

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You know how I love me some inspiration for my next batch of face painting designs. So, I turned up to Ms.MaoMaoz and her amazing rainbow cat design. It looked so amazing, that I decided to put my own twist on it: using a latex cat nose prosthetic!


Rainbow Cat with Lipstick: https://www.instructables.com/id/Rainbow-Cat/

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Step 1: Twists

Keep in mind that unlike Ms.MaoMaoz's version, I used a latex cat nose prosthetic which you are looking at right now. Second, in the next few images, you will see that I used mainly face paint, rather than eyeshadow and lipstick that Mao used (well, maybe a little bit of shadow, but you will get to see that part later).

So, first, I placed the cat nose on my face with spirit gum, along with a layer of liquid latex and setting powder so that it will blend in.

Step 2: Base

Now, for the fun part! I started by making the base, by using orange, light pink, and white face paint (from Snazaroo and Mehron Paradise). Then, I used some more white to paint in the prosthetic muzzle.

Step 3: Shadows and Blending

Next, I dived into some yellow paint and blended that into the orange parts. Then, I used a bit of pink shadow for the top of the base. I used Urban Decay Electric shadow in Savage.

Step 4: Outline

Then, I used a bit of black (from Mehron Paradise) to outline the nose, muzzle, and the rest of the face that I planned on not using as part of the entire design.

Step 5: Purple Nose

Then, I used a bit of Mauve (from Mehron Paradise) and a darker purple (from the Juicy Fruit Rainbow Cake from Silly Farm) for the nose. I also used the purple shadows from the Urban Decay Electric shadow palette (Urban and Jilted) so that it pops out.

Step 6: Blue Features

Then, I started added some blue features with Lagoon Blue (Mehron Paradise), beginning with a winged cat eyeliner, and some whisker holes. Then, I complete the entire look with stripes, and more dots throughout the entire face.

Step 7: Complete

Beautiful colors throughout! I loved how this came out! If you don't think the prosthetic worked for some reason, let me know!

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    3 years ago

    So amazing!