Rainbow Cat's Tongue Cookies



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I love langue de chat cookies as they are always versatile and delicate.


Step 1: Materials

200 g butter

50 g margarine

160 g icing sugar (80 g of the icing sugar, I mixed with fennel powder and nutmeg powder, just enough to give a hint)

1-2 tsp vanilla essence

100 ml room temperature pasteurized egg whites

200 g flour

50 g cornstarch

food coloring

Step 2: Method

Beat butter, margarine, icing sugar and vanilla essence until fluffy and white

Beat in egg whites until combined

Lower speed to low-medium and beat in flour mixture

Divide batter into bowls and add in food coloring. Spoon batter into piping bags/ziplock and snip the corner

Pipe horizontally or vertically on greased cat's tongue pan and bake on preheated 300 F for 20-22 minutes

Cool on rack

Enjoy :)



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