Rainbow Cheese Cake




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Step 1: Materials

In making this cheese cake you will need the following: cream cheese, three eggs, vanilla extract, half milk,and sweetened condensed milk , lime ,and finally the gram cracker crust

Step 2: The Great Beginning

Now that you have everything you need, you may now dump everything into the blender at any order. But that's if you don't care. But if you do the. It would be wise to smooth out the cream in the ended in order to not mess up the blender itself

Step 3: The Half Cow

After smothering the cream cheese, you will very delicately pour out the half milk into the blender to smoothen more the thick cream

Step 4: The Sweet Goodness

Now with the thickness of the cream even more smothered, you will add the most sweet part of the ingredients. The sweet condensed milk. With this you will slowly pour upon the cream to evenly disperse the sugar.

Step 5: The Eggs

At almost the end of making this savory goodness. We must add the eggs. One by one carefully cracking the shells to ensure that no pieces fall into the cream.

Step 6: The Last of It All

And finally at the end of the batter process, we will add the lime and vanilla into the blender

Step 7: The Mixing

Once all the ingredients are are placed they should be liquified until smothered smooth

Step 8: Making the Rainbow

Now that the cream is ready you may add the color die. Add in any color you want , purple ,green ,orange, and so on

Step 9: The Baking

And after you pour in your goods and place it in the oven you will end up with this

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Was I wrong? Isn't the intro pic from another website? All the other ones are originals. Why rip off only the intro pic?


    6 years ago



    6 years ago on Introduction

    It looks great. When you say 'put in the goods', are you pouring the next color into the center of the pie? Also, are you using some sort of powdered die? Finally, what temperature did you use and for how long.