Rainbow Cupcakes




Introduction: Rainbow Cupcakes

These Rainbow Cupcakes where made for my sisters birthday and for her Favorite Ipohne App "Robot Unicorn Attack." 
I have seen full Cakes from hackgadgets website made this way before and had some trouble deciding on the flavor of the cake. My sister is fond of chocolate icing which would look gross on such a pretty cake. She suggested that cupcakes were the way to go to allow more range of choices.

You will need everything you need for a normal white cupcakes with fluffy icing and some misc items.
-Cake Mix and Icing Mix
-Food Coloring
-White cup cake holders
-Some measuring cups
-Rainbow sugar sprinklers
-(optional) A small cookie scoop

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Step 1: Dividing the Mix

Make the cake mix based on the directions on the cake. 
I divided the mix into six bowls using decreasinly small measuring cups.
Based on the number of drops needed to color a full cake you will need to divide the drops by six for each bowl.
Cheaper white cupcake holders were chosen to allow the color to be easily seen through the paper.

Step 2: Layering the Rainbow

With the help of my sister we plopped down the globs of color into the pans. This was made much easier using a small cookie scoop and not filling the scoop all the way. You have to be consistent with the amounts or the cupcake will be to large or you will run low on the mix. We order the colors based on the reminder ROYGBIV which goes red, orange, yellow ,green , blue, indigo, and violet. It was close, but we managed to fill a full set of six pans.

Step 3: Baking

We baked the cupcakes based on the boxes instructions and choose the longer cook time. We also checked how done the were by testing if they spring back to shape if touched. When done they were left to cool before icing on a rack. Don't they look great?

Step 4: Icing to Finish

We iced them with a great fluffy icing that is easy to make as boiling water and fat free. To finish them off we used rainbow sugar sprinklers! We even cut one open to show the wonderful layers that resulted. One cupcake was left without icing so my sister could add chocolate icing to it later. We even used her new Iphone to take pictures of everything! She loves the "Robot Unicorn Attack" on the phone!

They taste great and the food coloring "does not" stain your mouth.

Perfect for any event needing a little color!

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