Rainbow Designed Indian Saree

Introduction: Rainbow Designed Indian Saree

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Hello Everyone :) !!! I am an Indian (a core INDIAN :p) and as an Indian I love Saree (a garment consisting of a length of cotton or silk elaborately draped around the body, traditionally worn by South Asian women). The range of the materials of a saree is varied such as cotton, chiffon, georgette, silk,etc. As a kid, I used to see my grandmother and mother having a huge collection of beautiful sarees. In India, there are several ways of draping a saree (depending on the regions) and here I am using the most common way. I am having an upcoming ceremony in my family , for that I planned to make this saree on my own with all the colours of rainbow.


1. Cloth pieces of different colours

2. needle and Thread

3. Scissors

4. Soap for marking

5. Measuring Tape

6. Chart paper for drawing designs

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Step 1: Getting Clothes Pieces of Different Colours

An average length of a saree is 5 to 6 meter and breadth is 1.5 meter. Here, I am considering the length as 5 meter and breadth as 1.5 meter, the material of the saree what I have selected is "SOFT SILK". I collected the small pieces of different coloured clothes of different dimensions, as its a VIBGYOR based saree.

Before getting your hands on these cloth pieces, you need to do some little wash with normal water. Just do some ironing on the clothes when they are done with drying.

Step 2: Ready With Patterns

For the suitability, I joined the chart papers into a big piece and designed the pattern I wanted for my saree. Then cut those patterns into pieces.

Step 3: Cutting the Clothes

Mark the designs using the soap (its easy to draw lines using a soap) and the patterned cutting pieces of chart paper. Cut those markings into the pieces.

Just remember, whatever the designs you have made it should fulfil the requirement of the dimension of the saree. I have used the normal horizontal layers of every colours for the body part and using few colours vertically down the shoulders.

My main motive to get the white colour in the front was to show the combination of all these seven colours into a white colour. I even attached a simple border with blue colour on the white part.

Step 4: Sewing TIME!

I don't have a sewing machine so I had only one option left, a needle and a thread. You can try this using sewing machine also,its the faster way to get your designs stitched. While stitching I used the common method "backstitch".

Step 5: Some Art Work

I am a little paint enthusiast, so just chose an odd colour and held a brush.

Step 6: Here We Go

Your own designed saree is done in the most beautiful way.

I recommend all my instructable friends to give a try for a saree at least once in your lifetime, if you haven't had any experience with this.

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