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i recently repaired a plastic fan blade on our pedestal fan at home ( https://www.instructables.com/id/Desk-Fan-Repair/ ) after the repair I decided I needed to do something to cover the repair on blade as it was visible as I was scrolling through contests page I saw the rainbow contest and it reminded me of something I saw on the internet many years ago, don't ask me where or who I cant remember. it was a fan motor coloured in with marker pens to give a rainbow effect.

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Step 1: Rainbow Colours

like I said in previous step the blades on web project I saw years ago were coloured in with marker pens, after searching the house top to bottom the only markers I could find were red, blue and black not enough colours for a rainbow. so plan b I googled rainbow colours and after searching through the results found a4 printable flag, I printed this off 3 times ( 1 for each blade ).

after removing the blade from the fan I drew around 1 of the blades onto a plain sheet of paper and cut this out to use as a template. I then positioned the template on to the flag sheet to find a position where all the colours were inside the template, unfortunately I struggled to find a position where there was equal amounts of all colours inside the template. I decided that if I was to miss out the red I could use a marker and colour in the centre of the fan.

I then drew around the template and cut out the flag sections

Step 2: Attaching to Blades

to attach the flag sections to blades I used carpet tape on back of flags and then stuck to the blades, I then coloured in centre section with the red marker pen.

Step 3: Reassembly

final stage is to refit the blade and run and test

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