Rainbow Flasher Lamp

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Intro: Rainbow Flasher Lamp

Hello, In this Instructable, I'll be showing you this rainbow flasher lamp. I'll do the best I can, as I finished it before I wrote the Instructable. -The videos won't be of good quality because .gif files are a little blurry. The lamp videos are not how it really looks.-

Step 1: Materials

  1. DC ~5 volt motor and propeller
  2. Medicine bottle
  3. Popsicle stick
  4. Hot glue gun
  5. 9 volt 1 ampere power supply
  6. Power supply module that supplies 5 volts
  7. Mini breadboard
  8. Wire
  9. A whipped topping container
  10. 2 AA batteries
  11. 1 2 AA battery holder
  12. 2 flasher RGB LED's

Step 2: Building

Put the propeller onto the motor. Measure a Popsicle stick to find the center and then glue it to the top of the propeller. Then glue the whole thing to the inside of the whipping cream container. Put the lid of the medicine container on upside down. Glue the motor to the bottom of the medicine container and glue the top of the lid (which is screwed on upside down) to the lid of the whipping cream container.

Step 3: Power

Plug the transformer into the outlet and the other end into the power supply module. Get two female-male wires and connect one end to the 5v pin and the other end to the breadboard. Then take the other wire and connect it to the breadboard as well. Then connect the motor wires to the breadboard. Press the button on the power supply and the container should start spinning.

Step 4: LED's

I used two RGB flasher LED's that I scavenged from a light up balloon. note: these LED's blink by themselves, so there are only two legs. Glue the battery holder to the top of the container (bottom right now) and wire it to the two LED's. Glue the wires to the container to keep them from flying around. Insert the AA batteries. The LED's should begin flashing. Then hit the button on the power supply module. The container should start spinning and the lights dissolve into a flashing blur. To turn of the motor, hit the button on the power supply module or unplug it. To turn off the LED's, remove one of the AA's. You can paint the container before you start so it looks better.



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