Rainbow Flashlight

Hi everyone! I made a rainbow flashlight and here is how you can replicate it! I hope you enjoy making it!

Step 1: Materials You Need

Get these materials
  1. Convex Lens
  2. Foam Boards
  3. A solder
  4. Wires
  5. Things on this list

Step 2: Connect the Wires

  1. Solder 2 wires to your led light
  2. Put one of the two wires soldered from the light to DC Driver
    • Make sure to place the wires on the appropriate side
      • The positive side of the Led light should go to the positive side of the DC driver and tighten the screw
  • Connect the DC driver to another wire and tighten the screw

Step 3: Set Up the Battery Side

  1. Connect the 9V battery to the Battery connecter
  2. Connect one of the connector wires to the switch and another to the DC and tighten the screw

Step 4: Start Building Your Body

I will make instructions for the laser cut version soon but here is how you can 3D print it, just follow the steps in this instructable.



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