Rainbow Heart Pop Up Card





Introduction: Rainbow Heart Pop Up Card

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This is another card constructed with a slice form. It features a dramatic effect of rainbow colors on the standing heart pop up.

You will need:

Cards (A4, assorted colors)

Craft knife



Double-sided tape

Glue stick

The card is constructed with 4 templates as follows. You can also download these in my youtube channel.

Template 1 (insert card): https://goo.gl/37VT8N

Template 2 (hearts): https://goo.gl/O7MRzk

Template 3 (single items): https://goo.gl/kvQpWF

Template 4 (cover card): https://goo.gl/AKvoYj

The tutorial is included in the video. It will requires a bit of cutting; however, the result is really satisfying. Happy crafting!



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    2 Discussions

    Hi.. where can I download the templates.. or else pls share the measurement.. kindly guide me..

    1 reply

    Hi there,
    Sorry I am not sure whether the previous message reached you.
    I have edited the links in the instructions, so you can just click on them and download the 4 templates. Otherwise you may go to the youtube watch page and download templates in the video description. Let me know whether this solves your problem.