Rainbow-Ish? Electric Fan

Introduction: Rainbow-Ish? Electric Fan

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So being bored during summer isn't a good thing for me. Because if I am then I tend to eat a lot of biscuits and pudding. In order for that not to happen, I have to occupy myself with something entertaining even if it's still eating biscuits and pudding while watching Doctor Who or Sherlock on the television. And because it's summer, one of the things I always have is a fan. It doesn't matter to me if it's one you carry around in your pocket or the one you plug into the wall.

The fan I used is black, but it would be better if you use a white one because it helps bring out the colours more while black darkens them. It also has three fan blades, if there are more blades then you can add more colours which also brings out the colours. But honestly, I don't think it matters what kind of fan it is.

ALSO I'm not quite sure why some of the pictures are upside-down or sideways. And they happen to go backwards in the steps.

INGREDIENTS: (That's for food though isn't it?)

-Tape: Duct/Scotch and Clear


-An Electric Fan

-Paper: White or Coloured


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Step 1: Step 1: Take Apart the Fan*

Of course you don't have to take apart the whole thing. Just off with the front of the fan and the blades.

I was already far into this little... Craft, so that's why the blades are white. Just pretend they're black or what ever the original colour of your fan is. Mine is black so black it is for me.

*Sounds like something Steven Moffat does

Step 2: Step 2: the Paper

I have a big roll of plain white coloured paper but some of you don't. So the best idea I can come up with is to just use paper you use in a printer or just any white paper to be exact. You will colour it so I don't think it matters unless you have the paper in the colour you want the blades to be. In that case, congratulations! You don't have to do as much work! That's brilliant.

You want to make sure that the paper is bigger than the size of a blade. That way you can wrap it around the back of the blade so the duct tape doesn't show. I had to weigh it down so I could show you what it looked like compared to the blade, but I'm not sure if it helped because Alex and the scissors covered it up a bit. You'll need to have that same size of paper for each blade.

If your paper is smaller, you can tape paper together with clear tape to make it bigger. IF YOU TAPE PAPER TOGETHER YOU MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO COLOUR UNDERNEATH. TO PREVENT THAT FROM HAPPENING, COLOUR BENEATH THEN APPLY TAPE.

With bigger sized paper like mine, I cut it just above the height of the blade and divided it into three since three can fit into that sized strip I cut it out of. If it still isn't big enough you can tape paper together and as it says above in capitalized letters.

Step 3: Step 3: Shaping the Paper

So with this part, you'll take your paper for one blade and because there is a thing that helps keep the blades together, You want to cut that part off of the paper. You'll take a pencil or marker (pencil works best) and colour over the part that you want to take off. Cut that off and next we're going go ahead and shape it so it has a bit of a bend in it? I guess... But you need to keep the paper in place to it doesn't end up being a piece of some paper. So hold it down while you fold the piece up so that when you take the paper off it has a sort of mould of the fan blade. And you'll do this for every blade.

Step 4: Step 4: Cutting the Paper

This part isn't as difficult as it may look. You just need to cut lines so that you can make the shape of the blades. When you're cutting the line make sure the go toward the middle-ish area of the paper and make sure that it doesn't touch any of the moulded lines. Then turn it upside-down with the paper touching the ground.

Step 5: Step 5: Taping Down the Paper

This part can get a bit sticky. I cut bits of Scotch tape and stuck them on the rim of the front because I just do that sometimes. It will be easier if you cut the pieces of tape all at once so you don't have to keep going: Cut the tape, stick it on, cut the tape, stick it on, cut, stick, cut, stick, and so on. You can if you want to, I'm not saying you have to though.

When taping it down, you can gather a couple strips or just do strip by strip. I gather the strips so that I use less pieces of tape. When you tape it down, gather the pieces and then tape it down so it starts to take shape of the blade. IF IT KEEPS MOVING AROUND YOU CAN TAPE OTHER POINTS IN THE PAPER SO THAT IT STAYS THERE. If you have that one part that has a bit of a point like my blade does, the paper goes over it. You can cut that part off if you like and then continue taping around the whole perimeter of the blade. Then do so with the other blades. Then add more pieces of tape so that it keeps together. Then turn it over to the front.

Step 6: Step 6: Colouring the Blade

This part is probably the best part because it's not that complicated. Or just because you start colouring it or such. But you need to pick out the colours and you need to know how you're going to arrange them. I'm did mine plain but you can do stripes or polka dots, or some other crazy, fancy designs. You can also look at the colour chart of colours and see if that gives you any ideas. I used blue, yellow and red. The primary colours. On the full fan picture you can see that colouring it partially gives it a bit of a colour. So colour it in and on to the next step.

Step 7: Step 7: Assemble the Fan Back Together

So like in the title above, put your fan back together*. With my fan, it looks like rubbish. That's because I needed to do this before midnight as it is the 4th tomorrow. But I am sorry if this doesn't work out as well. I used markers so it might have been that. I'm not quite sure. But hey, on the bright side, it did add a few colourful things to it. And that's probably why you should use tape. With the tape you can take it off and start over. Again, I'm truly sorry if this was a big flop. This is just an experiment for me, I have no idea what could make it better. If you know something that does, then feel free to leave it and questions somewhere down there. V Thanks. :)

*Something that Steven Moffat needs to do

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