Rainbow Joy Necklace




Introduction: Rainbow Joy Necklace

This bright necklace features a rainbow of leather cording and beaded chain. The beaded chain saves you time and lets you have even more fun with the rainbow. You can ask yourself what does that Pegasus mean, but winged horses have long symbolized freedom, dreams, travel and joy.

- 8 inches of beaded chain
- 2 antique copper hammered rings, 22 mm
- 8 inches of yellow leather cord, 1.5 mm
- 8 inches of red leather cord, 1.5 mm
- 8 inches of aqua leather cord, 1.5 mm
- 6 antique copper leather coil ends, 1 mm
- 1 antique copper Pegasus charm pendant
- 1 antique copper jump ring, 9 mm
- 6 antique copper jump rings, 7 mm
- 1 antique copper spring ring clasp, 12 mm

- Chain nose pliers
- Wire cutters
- 527 glue

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Step 1: Add Coil Ends to Leather

Place a small drop of glue inside one of the coil ends. Fit the end of the aqua leather into the coil end. Remove any excess glue. Repeat on other end of the aqua leather section. Finish red and yellow leather in a similar manner. Set all leather sections aside to dry for 24 hours.

Step 2: Make Necklace

Using your chain nose pliers and the 7 mm jump rings attach the leather sections to the hammered copper rings. Close all jump rings securely. Using your chain nose pliers and the remaining 7 mm jump ring attach the beaded chain to one of the hammered rings.  Open the loop on the side of the spring ring clasp and attach it to the other end of the beaded chain.

Step 3: Add Pegasus Charm

Using your chain nose pliers open the 9 mm jump ring and feed it through the hole in the top of the pegasus pendant and around the leather cords. Close securely.

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    Dusk Shadows
    Dusk Shadows

    7 years ago on Step 3

    I know I'm a boy but rainbows if you like pegasi then you with love this: