Rainbow Loom

Okay, so I honestly don't really like video tutorials. They can be long and boring, or too fast and hard to follow. Sadly, on every Rainbow Loom website I've visited, the only tutorials are videos. So for people who want to make bracelets without videos (like myself) I've compiled a collection of tutorials for the Rainbow Loom.

Nice addition with the charm!
This one looks great.
One of the first patterns I ever tried.
A pretty simple pattern, but it still looks nice.
I really like this pattern and I'm glad I found a non-video tutorial for it.
This one looks really cool.
I really like this one.
A cool bracelet tutorial.
Another Rainbow Loom tutorial.
I haven't tried this one, but it looks neat.
This one looks cool!
Not a bracelet, but pretty cool.
Also not a bracelet, but it's a ring.