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Introduction: Rainbow Loom 3D Pokeball

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Heyo guys! Welcome to my new tutorial on a Rainbow Loom 3D Pokeball! I sincerely apologize for not posting in months, for I've been caught up in the book I'm writing! I've been really indecisive about what to do an instructable on, and that's another reason I haven't been posting. Back to the poke ball. My friend suggested I do this, and so, I'm going to! Here is your list of supplies, and then we'll begin.


Red Bands x72

Black Bands x20

White Bands x72

Hook x1

Clips x9

Step 1:

Before we begin, here's a 9 by 9 grid for the poke ball. You will be doing each row from bottom to top.

Step 2:

Pic 1:

Place a red band on your hook. Don't do anything to it just yet. Grab two white bands & stretch them slightly at the end of your hook.

Pic 2:

Slide the red band over the two white.

Pic 3 + 4:

Pull the other half of the white bands on your hook.

Pic 5:

Do the same thing with two more white bands.

Pic 6:

Follow the grid to finish your first row.

Pic 7:

Clip the top red bands.

Pic 8:

Put the red band from Pic 1 back on your hook and repeat 8 times, following the grid.

Step 3:

Pic 1:

When all nine rows are done, lay them out to where they should look like the picture.

Pic 2:

Take a red band and clip it to one of the rows.

Pic 3:

Continue clipping the band to each row.

Pic 4:

When you've finished that, it won't look round. Push on the top to make it round.

Pic 5:

Now, here it is!

Step 4:

Tada! Your very own rainbow loom poke ball! I hope you enjoyed this! Once again, I apologize for not posting another tutorial sooner, but hey, now I have! I'm trying to get some manga and how to draw pokemon online soon, so if you're interested, you might want to keep an eye out for them! Signing off!

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11 months ago

you could put a small bouncy ball inside it for more fun