Rainbow Loom Basic Braclet




Introduction: Rainbow Loom Basic Braclet

Step 1: Bands

You'll need a handful of any colors bands in any colors that you want a hook and a c clip as well as any type of rainbow loom or fun loom.

Step 2: The Loom

Have the loom with the U shape facing you

Step 3: Placing Bands

Add the first band on the base

Step 4: Bands

Add the next rubber band on top of the yellow one going on the next pin

Step 5: Continuing

Continue up the loom in the zig jag pattern

Step 6: The Finished Loom

Once finished flip the loom so the U are the other way around

Step 7: Looping the Bands

Grab the bottom band and pull over the next pin continue up the loom

Step 8: Going Up

Here's how the loom should look like this all the way up

Step 9: Almost Done

It should look like this completed

Step 10: C Clip

Attach the c clip to the end you just completed

Step 11: Taking It Off

Hold the c clip and gently zig jag back and forth to remove clip the other end of the braclet to the c clip

Step 12: DONE

You are now done now wear your new braclet

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    6 years ago

    It's a fun loom