Rainbow Loom Bracelet Without Loom




Introduction: Rainbow Loom Bracelet Without Loom

You can make bracelets like this with basically any amount of corners but 3 is my favourite because it looks complicated but its still stretchy and the bands are loose so they dont snap easily like i found they do in ones with more corners

Step 1: What You Need

• some bands
You need about 40 or 50 depending on how fat your wrist is

• some hooks
Quite often hooks come in the packets when you buy bands but otherwise you can use any kind of sticks you have, my sister does it with her fingers but my fingers are too fat i always get them tangled up.

• c or s clip

Step 2: First Band

Hold the hooks in your hand so they are in a triangle shape. Put one band across 2 of them then stretch the bottom edge to the last hook and twist it around so it looks like the picture.

Step 3: Next Band

Put another band on top in a triangle. Then pic up the band from under and hook it over. Do the same ok all 3 hooks.

Step 4: Repeat

Keep putting on new bands an hooking them the same way untill it is long enough to fit around you wrist.

Step 5: Finishing

When your done, put all the ends on one hook then put them in a c or s clip and hook it to the other end.

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    Thanks for posting this! I don't have a loom but I have a ton of these rubber bands because I used them for my horse's mane. They are all dark brown, but I could still at least practice with them!