Rainbow Loom Butterflies




Step 1: What You Need

•7 bands the colour of the body
•8 bands the colour of the wings

Step 2: Body

Hold the loom so the spikes are like sad faces.

Put one band across the top 2 in the middle. Then underneath put 2 bands and another 2 on the ones underneath that (look at the pictures sorry im a bit rubbish at explaining)

Step 3: Wings

Put 2 bands across diagonally on top of each other. Do this on the other side and also on the hook below do both sides.

Step 4: Cap Band

Wrap a band around 4 times on the end if the last band at the bottom

Step 5: Hooking

Get your hook and put it under all the bands on the last hook of the loom until you pick up the 2 bands from the body. Pull them over and put them on the same hook as the other end of those bands.

Also do this with the 2 above

Step 6: Antenaes

Do the same as step 5 for the top one, but then pull one end through the other (pic2).

Get another band and pull it through with your hook and pull one end through the other again.

Make sure you pull them tight because this is the part that holds it together.

Step 7: Done :)

You can take it off the loom now. I hope you understood this i feel like i overused the words 'hook' and 'pull' sorry :/

Also i dont really know how to stop there antenaes from going curly my friend made this she taught me how so maybe someone whos a pro at this could improve it?

Anyway thanks for reading it :)

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34 Discussions


2 years ago

The instructions aren't quite clear on step 6


3 years ago

I made these as charms without adding the antennae and wove them into a fishtail. Very pretty!


3 years ago on Step 7

This is super easy and super cute. Thanks for posting this! I Made it!

1 reply

5 years ago

the wings of my butterfly fell off when I took it off the loom

4 replies

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

I dont think so, its just old and not very well explained. You lay the bands up how it is explained with double bands for the bottom 2 and a single one above, double bands in a different colour for the wings laid out diagonally then you hook it as normal.


Reply 5 years ago

Ok well im not exactly sure but i would guess the most likely thing you did is when you hook it you need to put the hook inside the bands for the wings as though they arent there and they should be held in place by the body, its kind of hard to explain but i hope this helps :)


4 years ago

easy and very quick