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Introduction: Rainbow Loom Butterfly Cha

About: I'm really fun and enjoy looming. I love my rainbow loom and making new things everyday. I like to be crafty, and love learning new things.. Enjoy sharing my ideas and creations! :). Check me out on YouTube,...

Step 1:

Arrange your loom so the arrow points toward you and looks like this.

Step 2:

Get out about 8 rubber bands

Step 3:

Put 1 single rubber band on your first peg

Step 4:

Put 2 rubber bands on the peg below it making sure the end is overlapping the previous bands

Step 5:

Put on another 2 bands under the previous bands

Step 6:

This will be your capping band, loop 1 single band around your hook 4 times, you will see 4 loops

Step 7:

Carefully put the capping band on the need of your butterfly's body.

Step 8:

For the wings you need 12 rubber bands

Step 9:

Put 3 rubber bands on the peg 2nd down from the top, to the peg on the top right.

Step 10:

Continue to lay 3 bands on each of the pegs shown.

Step 11:

We will now begin looming, it is very simple. :)

Step 12:

Make sure the arrow on your loom is still pointing towards you. Go under your capping band with your hook and grab the bottom 2 bands. Hold down your capping band and bring the two rubber bands up, and on to the peg above it.

Step 13:

Continue to go under all the wing rubber bands and grab the 2 bottom with your hook, pulling them both to the peg above it.

Step 14:

Go through under ALL the bands on the second peg down, get a band, the color you want the antenna of your butterfly to be, and pull it through all the bands. Hold on to the band. There should obviously be 2 ends of the band, grab 1 and pull it through the other end( pull it through itself)

Step 15:

Your butterfly is almost done, it should look like the image. the last rubber band on the top peg is the charm loop. Take one of the ends and loop it through the other end ( pull it through itself) like the previous step.

Step 16:

Carefully take your butterfly of your loom. Straighten out your butterfly and get out scissors and 3 more bands, the color of the butterfly's body.

Step 17:

Using your rubber bands we will make the head and stripes. Twist your first rubber band around your 2 loops on the top of the butterfly until it is very tight, that is the head.

Step 18:

Take your next rubber band and twist it around the body , in between the top and bottom set of wings and twist it until it is tight.

Step 19:

Carefully twist your last band on the bottom tip of the butterfly, then go to the top of your butterfly and cut the left loop in half to become your 2 antenna.

Step 20:

That is your butterfly! :) thanks for viewing!



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    14, 6:05 AM.jpg14, 6:05 AM.jpg

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    I've entered the bracelet contest, this is along the lines of a bracelet and I thought it was very neat to make, vote for me of you like these rainbow loom butterfly charms! :)