Rainbow Loom: Butterfly Charm

About: An intermediate loomer and future artist in cards :) Do tutorials of both.

Hi , this is my first loom charm tutorial. Hope ya like it.


Last tutorial: https://www.instructables.com/id/Rainbow-LoomTriple... (Triple Single Bracelet)

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Step 1: Gather Your Things

You'll need

  • Rainbow Loom
  • Hook (any)
  • Rubber Bands (ofc)

Step 2: Placing the Bands


Place a straight band at the start of the middle row

Then add two bands and then again two bands


Then, place any three bands diagonally (four times) as shown.

Step 3: Add a Cap Band

Add a band diagonally in the shape of an eight

Transfer the end on the side row on the other end's peg as shown with a hook.

Step 4: Match Your Look

It should look like as shown.

Step 5: Looping Your Bands

Push your hook through and pull the bottom two bands. Repeat.

Do the same for the last single band.

Step 6: Match Your Look, Again.

The step name explains it all.

Step 7: Remove the Butterfly.

Push your hook through the first peg of the middle row's bands.

Put two bands of the body on the end and the four ends should be on the hook.

Get the bottom ends over the hook.

Remove the hook.

Remove the wings from the four sides.

Remove the middle row starting from the cap band.

Step 8: Tight It.

Use rubber band of the same colour as the body colour and loop it around the body as shown




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