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Introduction: Rainbow Loom Collection

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With all the instructables going around about rainbow loom collections, I decided to get in on all the action.


Step 1: TutorialsByA

-Mickey Mouse Charm
-Winnie The Pooh Charm
-3D Bouncy Balls
-3D Turtles
-3D Pencil

Step 2: Made by Mommy

-Awareness Ribbon
-Smiley Face
-Candy Cane
-Jam-Filled Coookie

Step 3: My Own Designs (or a Friend's ;)

-Crossover Bracelet
-Frilly Bow Bracelet
-Star Charms

Step 4: Jordatine1

-Circle burst

Step 5: Justin's Toys

-Flower Charm
-Flower With Leaves

Step 6: DIY Mommy

-Cupcake Pencil Topper

Step 7: FeelinSpiffy

-Happy Peas
-Happy Pop Tart
-Happy Carrot

Step 8: And That's It!

Hope you enjoyed this instructable!
Hugs and Kisses,tde jesus. :)



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    pls pls pls make these charms!!!

    can u make these charms because these charms are cute :-) :-) :-) :-)