Rainbow Loom Diamond Bracelet




Step 1: What You Need

- Loom
- Hook
- Rubber Bands
- C- or S- clips

Step 2: Place a Band on the Two Pegs Like the Picture

Step 3: Place a Band on the Other Side

Step 4: Place a Band Going Up

Step 5: Place Another Band on the Other Side

Step 6: Continue Going Up Using the Same Pattern

It will look like diamond shapes going up. Don't put any rubber bands on the top two pegs.

Step 7: Place One Band From the Middle Peg Off to the Side

Step 8: Start Looping by Taking a Band...

Step 9: And Pull It Over

Step 10: Do the Same on the Other Side

Step 11: Take the Next Band...

Step 12: And Pull It Over

Step 13: Do the Same on the Other Side

Step 14: Continue the Process Up the Loom

Step 15: It Should Look Like This

Step 16: At the Top:

Slide your hook through the rubber bands, attach a rubber band on the hook and pull it through. Put the other side of the rubber band on the hook.

Step 17: Pull the Bracelet Gently Off the Loom

Step 18: Put the Bracelet on the Hook

Step 19: Attach the Ends With a Clip

Step 20: Enjoy Your Bracelet!



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4 years ago

easy to follow Ü