Rainbow Loom: Double Quadfish

Introduction: Rainbow Loom: Double Quadfish

About: An intermediate loomer and future artist in cards :) Do tutorials of both.

Hi guys! This is a new loom design and I wanted you all to take a look at it and make it. This is my first tutorial :D
Warning: Focus on the text written than on the pictures.
Comment with your creations as I would only be doing till a ring . You have to make until your desired length for your wrist if you are making a bracelet. ;)

Latest tutorial: This is my"first" tutorial :|

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Step 1: Things You Need.

a monster-tail Loom OR a rainbow loom

a hook

an s-clip OR c-clip

rubber bands

Step 2: Placing the Bands

=> First, add two bands of the same colour on any two pegs (vertically) in the same of an eight or in modern world, infinity.

=> Then, add a band from top left to bottom right (dont twist)

=> Afterwards, one band from top bottom to bottom
=> Add two more bands vertically of the same colour you applied for the first time but without twisting (vertically)

Step 3: Looping and Adding the Bands

=> Bring the infinity-shaped bands (from all four pegs) upwards

=> Then, add one more band diagonally (from top left peg to bottom right) as shown.

=> Do the same on the opposite side

Step 4: Loop & Add

=> Loop your bottom orange bands from all four pegs. It should look like this first picture
=> Then add two vertical bands like before from which you have three bands on each peg (both colours)

=> Afterwards, loop the most bottom band from each peg.

Step 5: Continue?!

Repeat the same steps over and over again. (From the second point of Step 3 till Step 4)
Enjoy adding and looping ;)

Step 6: End Your Bracelet

=> Add a square connected by all four pegs.

=> Bring all of the bands of both colours upwards.
=> Bring all of the bands on any one peg
=> Push your hook through

=> Add a rubber band on the hook-end and push both ends on your hook

=> Remove your band

[See the next step if you are going to make the extension, then do the follo

=> Pull the bottom end over your hook

=>Apply S or C clip on both ends and TA-DA!!

Step 7: The Optional Extension

You must know to make the Single Loop Bracelet!

(my tutorial for it: https://www.instructables.com/id/Single-Loop-Bracelet/)

Before applying the

Now, if you want to make an extension, place the both ends of the band on your fingers and start making the single loop bracelet and apply the clip.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thankyou so much MrsSweerSatisfacation .
    Comment your creations everyone or even comment if you have any problem. :)

    What an awesome weave, it's so pretty! And I love the colors you picked, they're so bright! Welcome to instructables!