Rainbow Loom Fishtail




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This cute Bracelet is easy to make as long as you have two fingers and a crochure hook with about 35-60 small rubber bands, or you can use a loom!

Step 1: The Start of the Bracelet

To start with you need to put three bands on your loom it is important that the first band is in an 8 shape or it won't work.

Step 2: The Middle of the Bracelet

To continue the bracelet you need to repeat the original pattern but you don't need to do the 8 anymore.

Step 3: Putting on Your Hook

To finish this bracelet you need to apply the hook you start at the end that isn't attached out your hook on the last two bands then you use your crochure hook to grab the remaining from one side to the other then you put your bracelet on and you are finished!



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