Rainbow Loom Earrings

You won't need any kind of loom to make this project. Yay!

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Step 1: Materials

For this project, you'll need two matching Loomless butterflies (check my instructables, I posted how to make them), wire cutters, needle nose pliers, and round needle nose pliers. You'll also need two earring hooks, 3-5 head pins, and finally seed beads of your color choice.

Step 2: Making Jump Rings

Use your round needle point pliers and make three jump rings from the head pins (pic 2) then connect them. (pic 3)Then take the remaining head pin and use your wire cutters and CAREFULLY (young readers, have an adult do this for you) cut the flat part of the pin off (aka head)(pic 4) Then take your round needle nose pliers and make a circle on the end of the remaining pin. (pic 5)

Step 3: Adding Rings to Butterfly

Connect the three jump rings to the cap off the butterfly. Then add the pin to the end. (pic 1)

Step 4: Adding Seed Beads

Add seed beads or any beads you like to the pin and then use your round needle nose pliers to make a circle like before so the beads won't come off. (pic 1)

Step 5: Attach the Earring Hook

Simply open the earring ring gently and just enough to slip the beaded pins circle in and then using your flat needle nose pliers, close the circle.

Step 6: All Finished!

ENJOY your butterfly earrings! Please leave comments and pictures of your earrings! Id love you see you're work. (I'll be making a charm bracelet of butterflies soon so look out for it) Thanks for your support and attention.



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