Rainbow Loom Fishtail




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Step 1: Separate Your Loom

Take out the center part of your loom.

Step 2: First Step

Make an X out of your band.

Step 3: Second Step

Add two more bands on top of the first x. These two bands are not X's.

Step 4: Third Step

Take one side of your X and bring it to the middle with your hook, then do the same for the other side. It should look like the last picture in this step.

Step 5: Fourth Step

Put another band over what you've done so far.

Step 6: Fifth Step

Take the bottom rubber band and bring it to the top just like you did a few steps ago. Then pull to secure it.

Step 7: The End Result

Just repeat this process and you will end up with a rainbow loom bracelet that will look like this.

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