Rainbow Loom Fishtail Bracelet




Introduction: Rainbow Loom Fishtail Bracelet

I'm going to show you two different ways to create the fishtail.

Step 1: Things You Need

- Rubber Bands
- S- C- Clips
- Loom and Hook (Version 1)
- Your Fingers (Version 2)

Step 2: Put a Twisted 8 Shape Rubber Band on Two Pegs

Step 3: Put Two More Rubber Bands on Top

Step 4: Grab the Bottom Band

Step 5: Pull It Over on Top

Step 6: Do the Same on the Other Side

Step 7: Add Another Rubber Band on Top

Step 8: Grab the Bottom Band

Step 9: And Pull It Over

Step 10: Continue to Length You Want

Step 11: When You Are Done Only Have Two Bands on the Pegs

Step 12: Pull the Bottom Band Over on Both Sides Like Before

Step 13: Put the Last Band on Your Hook

Step 14: Put on Clip to Fix Together

Step 15: Version 2!

Put an 8 shaped band on your pointer and middle finger

Step 16: Add Two More Bands on Top

Step 17: Pull the Bottom Band Up on One Side

Step 18: Do the Same for the Other Side

Step 19: Place Another Band on Your Fingers

Step 20: Pull the Bottom Bands Up

Step 21: Only Have Two Bands When You Reach Your Desired Length

Step 22: Pull Bottom Band Over on Top

Step 23: You Can Put the Last Band on Your Hook or Single Finger

Step 24: Attach Clip to Both Ends

Step 25: Enjoy Your Bracelet!



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    6 Discussions

    I bought these bands from Michael's craft store. They are rainbow loom brand so you can also order them online.

    Where do you get the bands from


    nice colors