Rainbow Loom, Flower Pencil Hugger




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Hope you enjoy making this! Please leave honest feedback on how to improve it.

Step 1: Gather Resources

You will need:

  • A Loom
  • A Crochet hook
  • Some Bands
  • A Pencil

Step 2: Making the Pencil Hugger

Take the 2-3 colours you want to use. Take one colour and twist it into a figure of eight. Place them like in the photo. Put a layer of normal bands on top.

Step 3: The Pencil Hugger, Again

Go underneath the top band and pull up the two bands underneath, continue this all the way around.

Put another layer of normal bands on top and repeat the instructions above to an appropriate length (12 times altogether is best).

Step 4: Finishing the Pencil Hugger

It should look like the first photo. Get your crochet hook and pull all the bands off the pegs, in doing so loop them onto the crochet hook.

Step 5: The Flower

Take the three colours you want to use for the flower. Get your pencil hugger, and on the end of the hook place one band (the colour of the petals). Slide all the yellow bands over the hook and on to the orange band. Put the end of the orange band onto the hook.

Step 6: Petals

With the hook on your left pull the band on your right over the left one. Grab the one that is now on the right and pull it off the hook and tighten it. Put it somewhere out of the way.

Get the end of the petal colour and loop it around the hook four times. Put two orange bands on the hook and slide the pink band on to it. Loop the two orange bands back on the hook, and push them along the hook. Repeat this until you have five petals.

Step 7: Attatching the Flower

Get your pencil hugger and thread the loop at the top on to the crochet hook. Push all the petals over the hook and on to this loop so it looks like the photo. Take the same loop and thread the pencil hugger through it.

Don't pull it over the flower!!!

It should look like the photo.

Step 8: The Centre of the Flower

Get your last colour and wrap it around the hook four times. Then get one of the orange bands and thread it over the hook and on to the band. Then take it off; make two of these.

Take one of them and hook one end around a petal and the other end around a different petal. Do the same with the other one on the other side of the flower.

If the bands spring apart, just start at the beginning of this step again.

Pull and adjust the flower till it looks how you want it.

Step 9: The Finishing Touches

Put a pencil through the hole at the bottom of your pencil hugger, push it up, and enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed this instructable!!!!!!!!!!



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17 Discussions


Reply 4 years ago

eveb though I did not make it I thought it was amazing


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Sorry! I'm afraid this probably sounds really dumb, but I don't know where to hook the bands over to in the 3rd step.


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

We'll there are two bands underneath if you have done it correctly. Then you pull those over the peg. Then just rest the bands on the other side of the peg. It might look a bit tight but it is meant to. Hope this helps.



4 years ago

Wow the flower is cute!!


4 years ago on Introduction

Please leave a comment. I would like to know how you did in making it, or if anything is confusing.