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These are the cutest friend that you'll ever have! You can literally make friends that can protect your locker, greet you as you walk in the door, or just plain sit on a dresser or nightstand!

Step 1: Your Materials

You're going to need a lot of rubber bands. If you want to make a two-toned friend, then choose two colours. You are also going to need one rainbow loom and either a small crochet hook or the hook that comes with the rainbow loom kit. Another material that you're going to be needing will be either some old rubber bands or some cotton balls.

Step 2: The Eyes

The materials you're going to need for this step are the hook, 2 black rubber bands, and 2 white rubber bands. You're going to wrap the black rubber band around your hook 4 times. Then wrap the white one around twice on one side and twice on the other side. Then slide those rubber bands onto one rubber band of your choice. Repeat this for the other eye. Now place the eyes on the end of your loom because we will be using the other side to create the body.

Step 3: The Feet

you're going to need your hook and 10 rubber bands, five for each foot. First, you're going to wrap one of the rubber bands around your hook 4 times. Do the same thing with another band. Then you slide those two onto double rubber bands. Now put that on the end of your hook, but slide the two rubber bands that were wrapped aroud the hook close to the hook. Now take another rubber band and wrap it 3 times around the hook. Then put the doubled rubber bands back on the hook. Now take one rubber band and slide the ones on the hook onto the rubber band.

Step 4: First and Second Row

Turn your loom sideways with the arrow facing right. For the first row you're going to need to take two rubber bands and cross them. Then put them on the peg that is farthest away from you. Do the same thing three times so it should look like a starburst. And if you haven't made it, check out my instructable titled "STARBURST MAKING". Then you're going to take single rubber bands and put them around the edges so in the end it should look like a hexagon.

Step 5: Looping

On the peg that is the 3rd peg in the middle row, take the bottom two rubber bands and pull them overs the top. Do the same for all of the pegs until they all have the rubber bands pulled up over the top. Push them all down.

Step 6: The Hard Part

After you push them all down, you need to expand to 8 pegs. To start, loop the top band that is on the peg that is on the first row and the second peg. Slide that on the top of your hook. Then take the last band that is on the same peg, and put it on the peg that is to the right of it. Then put the rubber band that is on the top of the hook back on the peg that it originally was on. On the other side, instead putting the top rubber band high up on your hook, just put it on the peg to the right of it. For the middle peg, take both rubber bands and put them on the peg to the right of it.

Step 7: Just Information

Now just put single bands around the outside. Then bring the bottom bands over. For the 2nd and 3rd pegs on rows 1 and 3 only bring up one band over the top.

Step 8: Adding the Eyes

Take the eyes off of the loom end and put them on the top two pegs. Then just put single bands around the sides until you make it to the other side of the eyes and don't put rubber bands over them.

Step 9: Information

Just add another layer of single rubber bands.

Step 10: Adding the Feet

Just add the feet the same spot that you added the eyes. Then add single bands around the pegs. Then the last row is complete!

Step 11: Ultra Mega Hard Part

Now you have to get all of the rubber bands onto your hook WITHOUT missing any of them. It's really easy. But when you get it off, get the body off of the loom.

Step 12: Stuffing

Now look at the back of the project, you see the opening, that's where you will shove cotton balls or old rubber bands.

Step 13: Connecting the Bands Together

Take a single rubber band and slide it onto your hook and VERY CAREFULLY slide all of those little rubber bands onto the one. Then make a slip knot. Squish him when he's done. You can tuck in the extra band if you want to. Thanks for making these adorable, huggable friends! Enjoy your cuties!

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Coral May

3 years ago

I made it but I do not know how to upload pics......


3 years ago

So cuuuuuuttttttteeeeee!


4 years ago on Introduction

for the feet row you can make all feet so the friend will have an octopus bottom! Try different variations to make your own friend!