Rainbow Loom Hibiscus Charm




In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make this beautiful charm using 1 loom!

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Step 1: What You'll Need

You will need 1 Rainbow Loom; Red, Green, & Yellow ( Christmas colors :) colored Rubber bands, & a hook; any hook. There will not be any tension, so you don't have to use a metal - tipped hook ( but I'm going to ). you'll also need 4 c-clips.

Step 2: Placing the Bands

We are going to use single rubber bands for this. Anyway, start with the red arrow pointing away from you. On the left side, on the first and second peg, place a GREEN rubber band. Next, Place another green band on the second and third pegs. Now we are going to go diagonally. Take a green rubber band, and place it across from the first peg on the left to the second peg on the middle peg row. Do the same but on the second left peg over to the third middle peg row. Next place a red rubber band diagonally just as you did with the green bands. We are going to start working on the middle peg row now. First, take a green rubber band and stretch it across the second & third pegs. Then, take a RED rubber band & place it on the third and fourth pegs. We are going to now work diagonally again: Take a green band and put it on the second peg on the middle peg row to the right peg row on the second peg. Take a yellow rubber band and do the same on top of it 2x. Take another yellow band and put it on the second peg to the third on the right peg row. Put a RED band to the fourth peg.

Step 3: Hooking

Turn your loom around so that the red arrow is pointing to you. Put a cap band on top of the yellow and red rubber bands. Go under the cap band, and grab the red rubber band that's closest to the top ( you may need to hold the cap band down with your hand ), and put it on the peg in front of it. Then, go through that peg and grab the yellow rubber band that's on the top, and loop it fowards. Go back to the cap band. Hook the last yellow band diagonally. Do that to the next yellow band, and the green one after that. We're going to loop up now; this is the tricky part. Go to the yellow band you hooked diagonally first. From there, grab the FIRST red band that should be on the top, and loop it up. Where you just looped it up, grab the upper green rubber band and loop it fowards as well. We are going to loop diagonally again. So go back to the band you looped up first, and grab the red rubber band and loop it diagonally, and do this with the top 2 bands as well. Go back to the rubber band you lopped diagonally first. Hook both the green bands up, and you just hooked your petal!

Step 4: Removing & Repeating

Flip the loom around. Get your hook and grab all the bands that are on that peg, and stretch it to to another peg so that it'll be easier to put on the c-clip. So put the c-clip on all of the bands that you stretched across, and remove the petal from the cap band up.

Next, repeat the "Placing the Bands" step. In the pictures 8-16, I'm going to show you how to connect the first petal we made to the second one. It's pretty much the same, but here's how it goes: Flip your loom around. First, place the cap band from the FIRST PETAL to the corner bands. Next, go under the cap band and grab the red rubber band and loop it fowards. Grab the first yellow one under that peg and loop it forward as well. Go back to the cap band, and grab the yellow one and loop it diagonally. Now go to the step that says hooking , and continue the hooking process, and follow pictures 1-7 in this step. CONTINUE MAKING THESE PETALS UNTIL YOU FINISH HOOKING YOUR 5TH PETAL. THEN MOVE ON TO THE NEXT STEP.

Step 5: Slip Knot/finishing

Get a green rubber band on your hook and then go through the hole, with one side of the rubber band held by your hand and the other side on the hook. Get the side thats closest to the hook and cross it with the other. Now get the side thats now closest to the hook with your fingers, and slide the other side through, and you can remove the hook and tighten. Remove the petal and you have completed your flower! ???

Step 6:

Step 7:

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3 years ago

i was puzzled with this one ;"

Sthor162... is feeling- puzzled ;"


4 years ago

i cannot make it please help me... i am stuck at removing part.. :(


4 years ago

i cannot make it please help me... i am stuck at removing part.. :(

Samah Fazal

4 years ago

I made the first flower then saw that more steps were left so I quited it