Rainbow Loom Ice Cream Charm




Step 1: Materials

Rainbow loom

Step 2: Placing Bands

First take a band then go from middle peg to infront of it. Then take two bands and do the same thing on the picture. Go from middle ped to the right peg diagonaly, do the same thing to the left. Then to the right go take a double bands and go 2 pegs forward. Do the same thing to the left. Take double bands and make an upside down v start to the right then to the left. Then go back to the second middle peg and get double bands and go 3 pegs forward. Then in the middle end of the first color, go get another color and double it again, go four pegs forward.

Step 3:

Turn it upside down then add a cap band to the end of the second color

Step 4: Hooking

Hook all the way up until you have finidhed the secong color. Then continue to hook forward. Then go back to the middle peg and start from right and go forward do the same thing to the other side. Then go the single one then make a knot. Ti take it out start in the second color.



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to hard can’t make it