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Introduction: Rainbow Loom Ladder

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This is a great and easy design it looks like a ladder! We'll of course that's the name of it let's get started!

Rainbow loom
1 C/S clip

Step 1: Placing Bands

Make sure the arrow is facing away from you. Take a band and place it from the middle to the left, then take another band that is the same color and place it from the middle to the right. Then keep placing bands on both sides all the way up the loom these colors will be for your border. Once you get to the top take a band and put it from the left to the middle then the right to the middle.

Step 2: Bands Going Across

At this point your going to put bands across. Push all your bands down. Then tour going to grab another band and place it straight across from the second peg skip the first one then do that same step all the way up.

Step 3: Bands Going Up

Now grab your other color and start by placing it all the way up in the middle. Then take the same colored band for that middle and make a cap band ( figure 8 ) and place it on that last peg.

Step 4: Hooking

Turn your loom around so your arrow should be facing you. Push back the capping band and grab the top middle band and place it to the next do this all the way up the loom.

Step 5: Bands Across

Now going back with the bands going across again, your going to grab another same colored band and place it on top.

Step 6: Hooking the Sides

Then now you are going to hook the bands that are the border. So reach in grab those side bands and then make your way up the left side.

Step 7: Taking It Off

Now your going to stick your hook down on all those bands on the last peg, then grab another color and place it on the hook and pull it through all those bands. Then place it on your hook the CAREFULLY pull your bracelet off the loom, be very careful so no bands snap.

Step 8: Extension

Grab some more bands and create a extension (single) until it fits your wrist. Then attach it to the other side.

Step 9: Finished!

You are now finished your very own ladder! Enjoy! Please follow favorite and comment! Send me a picture of yours!Please follow and like, also follow me on Instagram! Username:CinCoCala08

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I'm not quite sure what you mean by this

Thank you great job...you rock.

You didn't show how to make an extension. I know how but some people don't. For the people who don't know you put a band on the end of the hook and slip the bands on the crochet hook on the band. Put the other end of the band on the crochet hook. Keep doing this until the size of your wrist.

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It is difficult

It is difficult

It is difficult

It is difficult

It is difficult

It is difficult

It is difficult

It is difficult

It is difficult

Yours look great!

Sure I'll see when I can make the double x! Thanks for requesting ilovedisneyfrozen