Rainbow Loom Lightsaber

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This is plenty of fun to make.

Step 1: Rainbow Loom Lightsaber Materials

To Celebrate the new Star Wars movie, I have created this Lightsaber charm to show off the dark side's style.

So, For this project, you will need:

19 Red Bands

8 Silver Bands

4 Black Bands

1 Gold Band

1 Hook

Please take a minute to gather these bands before proceeding.

Step 2: Step One

So first, Take a band and put it in the notch on the hook. Twist the band over itself one time, and slide it onto the hook. Repeat this once so the band has been twisted two times. From this point on, this band will be referred to as the cap band. Make sure no loose ends are close to the end of the hook.

Step 3: Step Two

Now, take three of your red bands and put them into the notch on the hook. Now, Take the cap band and slide it onto those three bands you just placed in the notch so it looks like the second picture above. Take the loose end and slide onto hook like shown above.

Step 4: Step Three

Repeat Step Two, but instead of using your cap band, use the loop instead of the cap band. Repeat until all of your red bands have been used. This Technique is now referred to as "looping" in this instructable.

Step 5: Step Four

Now you have the blade of your lightsaber, but you now need to make the handle. So, take four of your silver bands and loop them onto the hook to look like above. Do this with the rest of your silver bands.

Step 6: Step Five

Now, take three of your black bands and loop them onto this growing chain. The black is the end of the handle. With the one black band you have left, loop it onto the end of the chain. ( The black part, not the red part! ) Remove the project from the hook, and make a slip knot on the one black band ( a.k.a the only thin band.)

Step 7: Step Six

Now, take the one gold band and put the lightsaber piece inside of the band . Twist it around the lightsaber piece twice. This step may be tricky for small hands.

Step 8: Step Seven

And there you go! You now have a lightsaber charm. Make these into multiple accessories, like:

A pair of super cute earrings!

A cute pendant necklace

And so much more! Thank you for reading this and please leave a comment. If you have any problems please say so in the comments! Stay tuned for more instructables by The Crafty Kids!



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    Thank you! We try to make fun projects ( and Both crafty kids are star wars geeks ) so thank you!