Rainbow Loom: Lily Charm

Introduction: Rainbow Loom: Lily Charm

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This is a really easy lily charm to make. This can be done on a crochet hook too.


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Step 1: Gather Your Things

You'll need

  • A rainbow loom
  • A big hook (yellow)
  • A crochet hook
  • 30 bands of the color of the petals (You can use two)
  • 2 bands of the color in between
  • 1 optional band if you want to make a ring

Step 2: Add&Loop

Add a band on the last peg and wrap it around as many times as possible.

Then, add two bands of the color of the petals.

Loop the band which was applied for the first time.

Then, add two bands of the same color of the petals and loop the first added two bands.

Step 3: Repeat.

Repeat the step 5 more times.

Step 4: Stable Them.

Hook the bands of one side and put them onto the next peg.

Repeat for all.

Step 5: Hook Them

Push your hook through every petal and remove from the loom.

Repeat for all.

Step 6: Give It a Shape.

Add a band on the hook and pull the petals over it and the end on your finger, put it on the hook.

Pull the bottom end over the hook.

Remove from the hook.

Step 7: Finish It.

The end on your finger, wrap it around three petals.

Take another band and wrap it around the other three petals


Step 8: TIP! [EXTRA]

How to turn it into a ring?

Pull your hook through and add the other optional band on the end of the hook and pull over the first band and put the end on your hand on the hook and pull over the bottom end and wear it :)

Step 9:

Step 10:

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