Rainbow Loom Monster Tail Infinity Charm

Introduction: Rainbow Loom Monster Tail Infinity Charm

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Step 1: U Need

A hook
A monster tail loom
Rubber bands
All as shown in picture

Step 2: Let's Begin

Ok so this isn't that hard to b honest with u and I got a lot of requests for loom so I'll b posting moor but for now enjoy

First step is to use two rubber bands and go all the way around the monster tail loom as shown

Step 3: Next

Now what ur going to do is add a 4 wrapped capping band , loom it and tie it off

Step 4: Remove From Loom

Remove ur bands from the loom and repeat steps two and three except for instead of usin da cap band use the cap band from the first circle

Step 5: Ur Done

And just like that ur done comment for more tutorials and all off them r my origanal design

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