Rainbow Loom Pencil Grip

Introduction: Rainbow Loom Pencil Grip

Learn to make a Rainbow Loom pencil grip.

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Step 1: Materials

-Different color bands. I'm using only two.
-Rainbow loom
-Hook(Metal or Plastic)

Step 2: Positioning the Bands.

1.) Make a figure 8 (Infinity sign) from the left peg to the right.
2.) Figure 8 from left peg down to the bottom.
3.) Figure 8 from bottom left peg to bottom right peg.
*No Charm*: Make a figure 8 from then bottom peg to the one above.
*Charm*: Take the slipknot and create a figure 8 with it connecting the bottom right peg to the peg above.

Step 3: Layers.

Add non-tiwsted layers on all 4 pegs.

Step 4: Hooking.

1.) Hook the bottom two bands over the peg on all four sides.
*Should look like the picture*
2. ) Add another layer.
3. ) Hook bands over.
4. ) Continue the pattern until you get desired length.

Step 5: Tie Together

1. )Make slipknots on all four pegs.
2. ) Take off.
3. ) Wrap slipnknots around pencil and enjoy!

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Evelyn 123
Evelyn 123

4 years ago

Thanks it's super e