Rainbow Loom: Railroad

Introduction: Rainbow Loom: Railroad

About: An intermediate loomer and future artist in cards :) Do tutorials of both.

This is an easy loom bracelet which is made on a rainbow loom.

This might look like the ladder pattern but we dont add bands on the middle peg row. This is my first tutorial on a rainbow loom.

My latest tutorial:https://www.instructables.com/id/Rainbow-Loom-Fisht... (Fishtail)

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You'll need

  • A Rainbow Loom
  • Rubber Bands
  • S OR C clip
  • Hook

Step 2: Add Your Bands

Place your loom in a shape of a "v" (arrows facing away from you)

Add and band diagonally and one straight as shown

Continue doing this till the end of the loom row (not the last peg)

Then, Add a band diagonally again.

Flip your loom (v shape)

Place our bands just like before but on the other side.

Then add a band from the top of the loom to the left row's first peg to right row's first peg. Continue.

Step 3: Now, Add a Cap Band

Make an eight shape on your fingers.

Transfer a end on other end

Pull it and add it onto the middle row's last peg.

Step 4: Looping

Push your hook through (not through the last band)

Pull your last band and add onto the next peg.

Do the same with other side.


Push your hook and pull the bottom band and put it onto the net peg as show.


Do the same with other side.


It should look like shown

Step 5: Ending Your Bracelet

Push your hook through all of the bands

Add a band on the end and apply both ends on the hook

Then, hold the bands and remove from the peg.

Continue with the rest of the row and the row which is left.

You will see your band on the hook


Step 6: Extension

Ofcourse, that size of the band is not enough.We have to extend.

Add a band from top to bottom. Do this with 5 or 6 more bands.

Use the band on the hook as the cap band.

Loop the bands as you did before.

Remove the extension and connect the clip!


Step 7: Tip

From this method, you can make the infinity band

After adding the bands on the sides. Except for adding the normal bands, add a band in the shape of infinity.

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