Rainbow Loom Rings




Introduction: Rainbow Loom Rings

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need :
1 - loom
12 - bands
1 - s clip
1 - hook

Step 2: Placing the Bands

Start from the middle point at place that band forwards.

Then do the same once more.

Step 3: Placing the Bands

Then from the the third middle point get a different coloured band and place it to the left.

The get the same coloured band and from the third left point up place the band and then place it up.

Step 4: Placing the Bands

Then place a band from the fifth point to the middle point to the right

Then repeat so it will look like the picture

Step 5: Placing the Bands

Then put two band from the fifth to sixth and sixth to seventh middle point.

Step 6: Placing the Bands

Then go to the fourth point on the left to the third point to the right and then on the third point on the left to the fourth point on the right to look like the pictures.

Step 7: Looping the Bands

Turn your loom around and start looping

Step 8: Looping the Bands

So once you have turned your loom around you now need to go to the second point closeted to you and loop it to the third point

Step 9: Looping the Band

Then you are going to get the top pink band and loop It to the left

Step 10: Looping the Bands

Then you are going to grab the same colour band and loop that up

Step 11: Looping the Bands

Then from where you looped that band you are going to grab the same colour band and loop that back to the middle and then repeat on the other side

Step 12: Looping the Bands

Now that you have done both sides you are going to grab the band that will go around your finger so for me that is sparkly pink and I am going to loop that up and then do that again with the other band

Step 13: Putting on the C or S Clip

So now grab your c or s clip and hook it on to the first band

Step 14: Pulling the Ring Off

and the take it off and hook the s or c clip to the last band

Step 15: Finished Product

So now you should have a ring :) thanks for reading my tutorial and please leave a comment telling me how you went with making it thanks :)



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3 years ago

that is so cool and I make rainbow loom mysekf with my sister's as well

Interesting hookie ring.

Excellent well focused pictures.

How do you coax a band to change pale red to bright green

is it body temperature sensitive ?

Will it turn back if you die with it on and your body temp assumes ambient room temp !!?

5 replies

Your first pic has a green finger band

but your last picture has an orange finger band

thats because the first one was a show one and the last one was the product

Just so ... I do detail read of your wonderful creations and

then try to come up with improbable fun ;)

Thanx joey56


4 years ago

It's awesome!!!!!! You could
Be in a compition


4 years ago

Please follow me