Rainbow Loom Single




Introduction: Rainbow Loom Single

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Let's make a single rainbow loom! You don't even need a board! Let's get to it

Ps. I will be making more rainbow look bracelets in the future please comment if you would like me to make more.

Step 1: Bands

Grab your bands and C/ S clip.
You can do a pattern or rainbow colors. I am using pink, black and green.

Step 2: Looping

Grab a clip, and take you first loop and put it through the clip and fold it, keep doing that and continue the pattern.

Step 3: Hook

No take your end of the band and hook it to the other side of the clip.

Step 4: Finish and Wear!

You are now finished your bracelet! Comment if you would like me to make any of these bracelets! Please follow and like, also please follow me on Instagram!
Username: CinCocala08



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    4 Discussions

    cindy can you make me a starburst or a triple single plz

    I got the bands from Michaels by the way :)

    hey...um...you didn't really show us how to do anything?!:-(